Solar Training

Photocell Solar Training

Photocell Solar Training is a division of Photocell for Energy. The training division is dedicated to providing cutting-edge internationally certified Renewable Energy training courses that deliver what the industry and the Kingdom need now and for the future.

We deliver bespoke Solar training courses, Solar certified courses for installers, Solar designer courses, Solar engineer courses, Solar management courses though our international partners. We provide online, blended and onsite training for the client’s specific needs and can develop specific training courses to the needs of each client where asked after completing a TNA focussed on the target subject area.

We have partnered with several key international training providers specifically related to Renewable Energy. These providers are also certified and can provide internationally recognised certification at levels 1 to 5 as well as an online master’s degree. All these courses can be linked to the Life Long Learners framework where credits can be used to attain further certification throughout the student’s career. (This will only apply where needed by the client)

Have a look at the following courses and if you require further details on the contents of any course, please feel free to contact at any time for an informal discussion.

  • Solar Installer Level 1/2/3/4/5
  • Solar Maintenance Level 1/2/3
  • Solar Design Level 1/2/3
  • What are Photovoltaics?
  • Solar Thermal Installation
  • Renewable Electrics
  • Commercial PV Installation
  • Residential PV Installation
  • Renewable Energy Awareness
  • Roofing Photovoltaics Health and Safety
  • Photovoltaics Roofing Course
  • NICEIC Health and Safety for Solar Installations
  • MCQ QMS course

These courses are limited, and we have other courses related to management which are tailored to the clients needs. If you require further details on those possible courses, please send an email detailing your specific needs and we will send you a course outline with outcomes for your perusal.